Discover Callawassie Island


If you like nature, your own island and the Lowcountry, then Callawassie Island is for you!

Hi, John Weber here in the Lowcountry, Charter One Realty. Today I am at a place called Callawassie Island. This is a really special place down here. The more I look at it, the better it looks from my viewpoint. I just think it’s really a cool place. If you like nature, and you want to be off the beaten path, away from the craziness, Callawassie Island is for you. A lot of people have loved this place for a long, long time. As a matter of fact, there’s another community that is connected to this through a causeway called Spring Island. Spring Island is ultra-exclusive, very expensive luxury club to join. It’s similar, I mean it’s remote, and it’s separated its own island and people love it.

The minute you go through security to come home, you go over a causeway where it’s all marsh on both sides, and it’s really a decompression when people say that they come home. They just love it. There’s 27 holes of golf here, Tom Fazio, tennis courts, there is a club, a brand new fitness center, pool area that you can swim laps in, or just spend a day at the pool right next to the marsh, golf pro-shop, lots, and lots of club activities. It’s a great spot. What everybody says about Callawassie Island is true, neighborly, love, everyone seems to care about each other, that’s unusual in today’s world. Lots of clubs, lots of activities

You can come down here and take advantage of a discovery program, which is fantastic. You can call me, my name is John Weber, my cell phone is 843-295-2114, my email is, that is my website, You call me, email me, you can contact me any way you like. I can set you up with a discovery package down here. Last year they made I believe 28 sales in Callawassie Island, the average price is about $400,000. 

You can watch my video here!

The break-down on expenses is this; when you buy property in Callawassie Island, you must join the club, it’s a one time fee of $15,000 when you join. The annual club dues are $7,170, now this is 2018, that’s of this year. If you want to play unlimited golf, you would add another $3,780 on top of that, or you can pay as you play, either way. The annual homeowner association fees is $1920 a year. When you add up those three numbers it comes to $12,870 a year, that’s your POA, and your club dues, and your one time $15,000 fee. That’s really right online with all of the top clubs in the area. Here it’s a little bit different, you’re on your own island, you’re tucked away from a maddening world, I keep saying that, just a great spot.

You can also learn about all of the fees and pricing by clicking here