Hi, John Weber in the Lowcountry. Today I’m going to talk about Sun City Hilton Head, and why does everybody like it? I mean, it is a huge success and in this video I’m going to talk about the reasons why people like it, what it has to offer, and as a bonus, I’m going to show you their woodworking room, for all the guys out there that want to fiddle in woodworking rooms and create beautiful things. Take a look at this video, and I’m also going to walk you through a home for sale in Sun City listed for $369,000. So, stay tuned. If you’re new to the channel, you might want to consider subscribing. I put a new video out about once a week for tips and all kinds of things in the Lowcountry, real estate related. Anyway, let’s get to it and let’s take a look at why everybody likes Sun City Hilton Head.


Okay, I’m back in the Lowcountry talking to you about Sun City Hilton Head and why everybody likes it. To begin with, I should give you an overview about Sun City. I’m kind of reading off notes here. It is a phenomenally successful community here in the Lowcountry. It’s created by Del Webb Communities, and they really know what they’re doing. They know what today’s retiree wants, and they have implemented it in their communities down here in the Lowcountry. When people come to me and they want to look at 55-plus communities or they want to consider where they might retire down here, Sun City is value that is very difficult to beat.


If you’re looking anywhere between $300,000 and $450,000, I can show you all kinds of different neighborhoods down here but people tend to see the real value in Sun City. Active lifestyle, there are three golf courses. Two are regulation 18-hole, 6,500 yards and they have one executive course. 8,640 homes in Sun City, that’s projected. It’s not fully complete, but it’s getting there. They are still selling developer homes. They have developer models. It is in Jasper County. The majority of the homes are in Beaufort County. They’re projecting residents of 16,000-plus people living in Sun City. That’s how big it is.

Seven and a half miles of walking trails; when you go in there, you see all kinds of people riding bikes, walking. They drive their own golf carts. Three state of the art fitness centers that receive 800 people a day working out, it’s amazing. The amenities include six swimming pools, two indoor, four outdoor, a performing arts center, crafts center, woodworking shop which I’m going to show you in a second, a sport park, softball field. That’s a big deal. They have teams that play softball in the summer. Pickleball courts, a lot of people ask me about pickleball, tennis courts, bocce ball.


There are 56 neighborhoods in Sun City, and let’s see, 73 chartered clubs, 54 registered community groups. It is one active place, and a lot of my customers are considering moving down here, and they live in Cleveland or Columbus or Detroit, and you know, it’s a big move. They’re retiring and they’re coming down here, and they want to fit in. It seems to me that everybody in Sun City is like-minded. They’re active. They have a variety of interests, and they have great real estate values, they really do. I have to use a map when I get in there, because it’s pretty big and for those of you who have toured around with me, you’ll know that I use my phone and figure out where I’m going.


It’s a great spot. It’s really on the intersection of 278 and State Road 170. There’s a graphic that’s being displayed now on the video that shows you where it is. You have access to the beach. You can be in the beach 20, 25 minutes just over the bridge. You’re about I would say 10 miles, maybe 12 miles, to Hilton Head Island. You have all the restaurants in Bluffton. You have the beach on Hilton Head Island. It’s a great location, easy access to the airport, which is the Savannah/Hilton Head Airport, because you’re not many miles to the interstate, I-95.

So all of that said, great value. The annual homeowners’ fee is $2,220 a year. That’s your POA fee. Great value there. The homes, as I mentioned, $300,000 to $450,000. Maybe there might be some at a higher value. You do have lower taxes in Beaufort County as opposed to Jasper County, but you have newer homes in Jasper County, so anyone who’s considering looking in some of the 55-plus communities, I always recommend that they look at some of the resales, because you can find some real bargains in there.