My Day at the RBC Heritage Classic

John Weber with Charter One Realty, and today we’re going to the Heritage Golf Tournament at Sea Pines. One of the cool things you get to do when you live in Hilton Head, Bluffton area, you get to see the world’s best golfers. This is always the week after The Masters. It started 51 years ago. Arnold Palmer won it. Pete Dye designed the golf course. Great spot.

We take that bus over there. They got it all figured out. 51 years of doing it. Charter One has a hospitality house for our owners, clients, all that. It’s kind of cool. Get a sandwich, soft drinks, things like that. This is going to be kind of a quick video, but on the way to the RBC Heritage Classic. Good times.

Now I’m down here in Harbour Town at the famous lighthouse. I’m probably not going to have my microphone on, video on, because probably Dustin Johnson doesn’t like it too much in his backswing, but he is playing. Number one player in the world. No Tiger sightings. But anyway, I’m on my way into the golf tournament now. Simply beautiful, so follow along. We’ll show you what the Heritage Classic’s like.

Okay, that’s it. That’s a day in the life of the Lowcountry, here at the Heritage Classic. I’m standing right in front of the Charter One hospitality house. Like I said, all of our clients, people that we’ve sold real estate to, they’re all invited to that. It’s kind of a private party.

One thing that you might figure out of this video, you need things to do. If you’re relocating or retiring and you’re thinking about getting a second home, you need things to do. Man does not live by golf alone, so going to the Heritage, going to the community theater here, shopping, restaurants, all kinds of things. Come down to the Lowcountry. Find your dream home