Latitude Margaritaville Hilton Head ALL-NEW VILLAS

You know, a lot of people ask me, “What kind of people buy Latitude Margaritaville? Are they big partiers? Because if they are big partiers, I don’t want to live there.” The answer is no. I don’t know any burned out 55 or better people that are buying into Latitude Margaritaville Hilton Head.

Hi. My name is John Weber. I’m a licensed real estate broker with Charter One Realty here in the low country, and I specialize in resort and retirement real estate. I do a lot of business at Latitude and this video is all about the brand new villas that they have at Latitude. There are four villas there that are models. They won all the awards. They’re just beautiful. The Jamaica, the Antigua, Barbuda, and the Nevis.

The type of people that are buying there are people that don’t want to support a golf course, they want fun things in life, they don’t want any maintenance with the home because all the maintenance is taken care of, and they want a new home, and they are moving there for basically retirement. It’s a great group of people. Everybody I’ve met, anyway. They’re very, very busy. In the last year, they’ve sold 200 homes.

I’m going to give you the base price of these models and what their formula is, the base price plus the lot premium and then the villa neighborhoods, it’s from zero to $17,000, plus all the options, and they’re averaging 15 to 20% of the base price. That’s your formula.

The Jamaica, the base price is $244,000. the square feet is 1,500 to 2,100 square feet, give or take. They can make adjustments, make it bigger, make it smaller. The Antigua, the base price is $246,000. the square feet is 1,558 up to 2,111 square feet.

The Barbuda, the base price is $266,000. the square footage is 1,785 up to 2,170.

The Nevis is the big boy. 268,000 base price and the square feet is 1,862 up to 2,340.

Come on down, take a look at the models. What you do is you decide on one of these villa models that you like. These are really maintenance-free. Beautiful models. Take you over, they show you a home site where they can fit. These homes are connected with a center wall. You’ll see in the video, there’s a performance center that you go in there and they show you the two by sixes that they built and all of the insulation, the tankless water heaters, all the good stuff. Minto Communities is building this fabulous development. Come on down, you’ll see the models, you’ll see the performance center, and you’ll see the video, too. Check it out.

John Weber:     Down below on this video, you will see all of my guides and everything else. Free guides, ultimate guide, restaurant guide, where to stay. Just click any of those and you’ll receive that. You can call me, email me, and come on down and we’ll find your dream home. Maybe one of the villas at Latitude Margaritaville Hilton Head.