Okay. That is for and eight. Hate to say it. A snowman. Let me ask you, how is your snowman doing up North? Mine, actually, I’m going to erase this snowman. I’m going to make it a seven. Don’t tell anybody, but I don’t think you can erase your snowman. This is a good time of the year to think about coming down to the low country. It’s the end of December. I’m out here playing golf. It’s gorgeous. And you know, I’d like to get you out of the snow.

One thing you can’t replace is time. Time moves fast all the time. I mean, the decade is gone, we’re starting a new decade now. So I encourage you to click on the link below, come down, and we will teach you how to avoid the snowmen down here, because I’m not sure you can erase your snowman up there. Come see me in the low country.