Hi, John Weber in the Lowcountry, broker associate with Charter One Realty and I’m down here in Bluffton/Hilton Head, South Carolina. I wanted to give you a quick COVID-19 update. What’s going on in the entire country, what’s going on in the world, is a pathetic, pathetic situation. I have a lot of clients asking me what’s going on in South Carolina. I mean, they’re trying to get down here! I see it’s spiking and all the states are spiking, but I will tell you I did a little research on our cases here in South Carolina and Beaufort County in particular. This video is being made in mid to late July 2020. So far in South Carolina there’s 62,245 cases and we have had 998 deaths. That’s 998 funerals. It’s very, very sad. When I look at the map of South Carolina I see most of the spiking is in Greenville, Columbia, Charleston, and now I see more spiking in Myrtle Beach and in Charleston. I don’t see that much down here in Beaufort County and our numbers in Beaufort County are 2,176 cases and we have 23 deaths. See everybody coming down here from Saturday to Saturday (that’s the villa rental) and there’s a lot of people coming down from all over. They stay in the villas a week and they go home. We do have a mask law in place now and you must wear a mask out in public. That’s long overdue, but we do have that right now. Before that, nobody wore any masks – none of the tourists, it was crazy. It’s like we didn’t have any type of pandemic! So down here we have a mask law. If you come down and you’re very careful about what’s going on, you wear your mask, you bring your gel, hotels are open, restaurants are open, and you’re careful, you’re going to be okay. But to be in that situation where people are not wearing masks and nobody cares and all, that’s crazy. The only thing I can figure, and this is only my own opinion, is everybody comes down here and they stay a week or five days or whatever, they go, and they leave! So otherwise our cases would be higher and our deaths would be higher. It’s the only thing I could think because it’s not a heavily populated area. So, that said, that’s my COVID-19 update for July. Come down if you have trouble finding a place to stay. I’ve got a guide I can send you on ideas where to stay and give you some pointers. But come down and find your dream home in this situation that we have down here. We’d love to see you – find your dream home.